Dating age difference 6 years

Age disparity in sexual relationships

follow url He's basically what I've been looking for in a guy, he's motivated, extremely sweet, has a great sense of humor, etc. I can see myself maybe starting something with him. However, there's a 6 year age difference, I'm 20 and he's 26, I've told a few friends about this and they all say it's too large, but I don't see anything wrong with it? So yay nor nay?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Just make sure you guys are on the same page on various subjects. Maturity-wise, you are right at the edge of compatibility.

It depends on where the gap is. If it was 24 and 18, that's much different, at least to me, than 26 and Originally Posted by sweetkiwi.

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If you like this guy and don't see the age difference as a problem, then it isn't a problem. I don't think that six years age difference is a big deal, but my husband is about 9 years older than me and we've been together for 8 years now and I met him when I was Most of the people I know are around 5 years apart from their spouses. It's borderline, but I don't think you're too old for him.

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I don't think that's a big difference. It could be worse. My parents are 4 years apart and get along great.

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They've been married for more than 30 years. And honestly, 6 years isn't much of a difference. You're still in the same generation. Playboy founder Hugh Heffner has several girlfriends, most of them half a century his junior. Age is what it is.

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For one thing, most people do not want their relationship to be the equivalent of gossip tabloid fodder among their own social circles. A date I recently went on showed the woman to be intelligent, sweet, accomplished, and attractive. We both suspected the age difference might be significant, but avoided the topic for as long as possible. Yet denying reality serves no purpose. She thought I was I was hoping she was in her late twenties.

Is an age difference of 6 years too much?

Five years is one thing. Even ten years one can start rationalizing. Yet 18 years is a tough one to justify.

Having said that, a guy at 41 squiring a woman of 23 is far more controversial than a year-old man dating a year-old woman. There is an unofficial rule that exists, even though nobody seems to know where it originated. This leads to some reasonable results. So fewer women will prioritise resources when looking for a mate.

As for same-sex couples, there's very little research. Some suggest a lack of , or a reduced pool of, suitable age-similar mates may bring about same-sex coupling with large age differences. Many people assume that age-gap couples fare poorly when it comes to relationship outcomes. But some studies find the relationship satisfaction reported by age-gap couples is higher.

These couples also seem to report greater trust and commitment and lower jealousy than similar-age couples. Over three-quarters of couples where younger women are partnered with older men report satisfying romantic relationships.

Dating and the age gap: When is older too old? - Washington Times

A factor that does impact on the relationship outcomes of age-gap couples is their perceptions of social disapproval. That is, if people in age-gap couples believe their family, friends and wider community disapprove of their union, then relationship commitment decreases and the risk of break-up increases. These effects appear to apply to heterosexual and same-sex couples. So the negative outcomes for age-gap couples seem to reside not in problems within the couple, but in pressures and judgments from the outside world.

Another factor at play may have to do with the stage of life each partner is experiencing. For instance, a ten-year gap between a year-old and a year-old may bring up different challenges and issues than for a ten-year gap where one partner is 53 and the other is This is because our lives are made up of different stages, and each stage consists of particular life tasks we need to master.

And we give priority to the mastery of different tasks during these distinct stages of our lives.


They were married till he passed away when I was much younger. It has been argued that a reason gender roles are so prevalent in society is that the expectations of gender roles can become internalised in a person's self-concept and personality. My parents are 4 years apart and get along great. Retrieved 7 May The demographic trends are concerned with the gender ratio in the society, the marriage squeeze , and migration patterns. Even if they don't know it yet. A woman of middle to elderly age who pursues younger men is a cougar or puma , and a man in a relationship with an older woman is often called a boytoy , toyboy , himbo , or cub.

So when each member of a couple straddles a different life stage, it may be difficult for the couple to reconcile each other's differing life needs and goals. The success of a relationship depends on the extent to which partners share similar values, beliefs and goals about their relationship; support each other in achieving personal goals; foster relationship commitment, trust and intimacy; and resolve problems in constructive ways. These factors have little do with age.

So the reality is, while an age gap may bring about some challenges for couples, so long as couples work at their relationship , age should be no barrier. Equal earnings help couples say 'I do' and stay together. There are lots of theories about why some couples who live together get married while others separate. In dual-physician couples, women with children worked fewer hours than women without children but similar differences in hours worked were not seen among men, according to a new research letter published by JAMA Internal